Shock!!One of Jalas boys club member commits suicide after leaked video.

John Omega one of the Jalas boys club whose sex video has gone viral has been found dead at his home. It is suspected that he took poison.

He left behind a note begging his wife and children to forgive him since he did it out of peer pressure and if truly the afterworld exists they will meet again.

Radio personality and comedian Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has finally spoken out on the controversy that has bedeviled him and his friends …

In the three-minute clip, the man believed to be one of Jalango’s friend is seen filming himself with an unknown slay queen whose face is out of view engaging in sexual intercourse.

It didn’t take long for the ruthless netizens to start offering their reactions, most of which showed disappointment in the man. However, most folks were impressed by the ladies skills in bed.

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