“I want Atwoli to provide for his new born son.”-Nancy KU student wants Kenyans to intervene.

A 24yr-old old Nancy Mugangai who is a third-year student at Kenyatta university undertaking Bachelor of science says that Francis Atwoli has neglected her since she was 7month pregnant and now she has his baby boy.

Nancy says she has been his secret lover for four years, he took her to Kenyatta university rented her four-bedroom house in Kahawa Wendani and promised to buy land for her parents.

“Atwoli has been acting weird since I was 7 months pregnant, and eventually blocked me from his whatsup now I can’t reach him via phone and I have delivered his son.

I paid my hospital bill, I dont want his money I just want people to share this so that he can help his own blood.”

Now Nacy wants Kenyans to intervene and help demand upkeep for her newborn baby from his father who has neglected them.


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