Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe do the unthinkable while live on Kiss 100 Radio

Kamene Goro is not new to controversy and drama. Her controversies put her in the limelight and she has remained there due to her unending controversial things she does and says.

The former Ebru TV anchor who now works at Kiss 100 radio as a morning show host is always vocal about what she feels or thinks. She is never afraid of getting a backlash for anything controversial she says or does.

At Kiss 100 she works with Andrew Kibe, another personality whose life is themed with controversy. The two seem to make a perfect combination due to their similar personalities. They say and express their views regardless of reactions.

The two have sparked controversies together in the recent past among them being allegations of the two having a steamy romantic affair going on.

The latest controversy is the alleged kissing while live on the morning show. Kamene Goro is always heard calling Kibe “babe” even on social media posts. Perhaps this is what makes netizens suspect an affair going on between the two.

Today’s morning happenning is said to have happened at around 7:55 am., just before the news and commercial break at 8a.m. It is alleged that Kamene asked Kibe to move closer before a short silence occured and sounds of kissing lips were heard in the microphone.

“Babe ebu songa hapa kidogo”, she said. “Nikam nifanye?” Kibe asked while moving as asked. “What the f**k! What was that?” Kibeasked after the short silence and sound of kissing lips.

“Wow! That was awesome…haha” Kamene replied and they went on a commercial break before Kibe said anything further. Apparently, Kibe was ambushed with a sweet kiss in the morning on Kiss 100 during the Kissing in the morning show.

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