“Thank you for giving me back my husband!” Kipchumba Murkomen’s wife thanks Uhuru for firing Murkomen from his majority whip post in the Senate

As debate around firing Elgeyo Marakwet senator, Kipchuma Mirkomen, from his majority chief whip in the Senate continues to gather momentum, there have been various reactions surrounding the issue.

With various members of the political class having shown mixed reactions about it, members of the public have also not been left behind. Netizens have been laying bare their feelings.

But it seems the dust about this issue won’t settle soon as a reactions about Murkomen’s firing are still trikling in.

The latest reaction about this has been from where everybody least expected. Murkomen’s wife has gotten everybody talking after her surprising comment about her beloved husband’s predicament.

Responding to what her husband’s firing, Murkomen’s wife said she was happy and very much thankful to Uhuru for firing Murkomen. “Since he became the chief majority whip in the Senate, he has been an absentee husband and dad”, she said.

She went ahead to say how she has been craving for her husband’s presence because Murkomen would always come back home late into the night after his endless party meetings. “The kids would sometimes ask me where their dad was and I never knew how to answer them”, she said.

She went ahead to say how Reagan, Murkomen’s favourite son, would sleep on the sittingroom cough waiting to see his dad before sleeping.

“Today am happy because all such bitter memories will be a past tense since he has been relieved off some of the duties that have been keeping him away from home for long”, she explained. “I thank the president for what he did and am extremely happy for it!”

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