“Babu just played with my nunu,he is not good in bed (tooth pick)-Sabina Chege.

Murang’ a women rep Sabina Chege says that Babu is still a small kid and does not know how to treat a woman in bed and don’t have “Chuma ya doshi.. “she wrote on her Instagram handle.

” Babu insisted on having me on the bed only to find out that he wanted to dirtify my ‘Nunu’, he is a two-minute man and he ain’t romantic at all. Man up you only wanted to infect me with HIV/Aids.

The Woman Rep has revealed that her life has ever been messed up, with now having to endure the pain of taking ARVs on a daily basis.

She revealed that her Babu contracted the virus from a Nairobi based prostitutes, in one of the city brothels. Chege, who sounded bitter from the occurrence, now says that she still has not found an inner peace to forgive her Babu for infecting her the virus.

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